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We know that Email is the most important tool used by almost all the customers in today's world. So companies are also choosing Email lists as the best criteria to contact the customers in an easy manner. Also, email is much better than facebook and twitter in terms of acquiring new customers.

Go4database is offering many types of such email lists in order to contact the clients in an effective way and also to improve its business strategy and growth. We can widen the conversation channel by using Go4database email lists because this database contains the email addresses of the customers and by this we can talk directly to the inbox of customer email id. These email lists contain email ids and other relevant information and so these are also known as email leads or email database.

Lead generation via email list is defined as a means of collecting leads through the use of an email option in the form. It is all about gathering information about customers, such as their name and email address. According to Go4database, having an email lead generation strategy is very important for a company  to grow it’s customer base and also to generate more sales.Without an effective technique for gathering leads, any  business has to struggle to grow its sales and customers.

Recent research shows that about 48% of marketers believe that email marketing is the best strategy for generating leads online.

To get quality assurance of leads Go4database checks the email leads every now and then so as to remove the blocked email information if any stored in the database. After removing blocked emails, the email verifier is set ready to run to verify whether all remaining emails are active or not and by doing this process Go4database ensures that it has only the quality leads present in it.

A good lead generation via email list technique had benefited the company in the following ways:

  • Allows the company to target the desired customers

  • It helps the company to boost their brand awareness

  • More leads is equal  to more customers which means more revenue.

Is email the one and only way for quality lead generation?

Most adults in the US still prefer email as the first option to receive information about their business work. This concludes that the email lead generation strategy should and will always be a priority. However, many modern lead generation campaigns today are taking place live online. No matter what your company or industry is, you must implement content, social and email strategies in order to educate and attract new customers for your business growth.

Go4database is also one such  helpful platform which provides us with full information about the customers.Steps followed by the company while using email lead generation strategy:

  • Publishing digital content on the websites and social network sites to educate the potential leads.

  • Having multiple calls to action and landing pages which are made available to interested leads.

  • Capture leads email addresses on the lead capture forms, along with other additional information like name, industry, job title, and also about the needs from the company.

  • Dropping leads into the email nurture campaigns based on the answers which they received from the lead capture form.

  • Continue education through email, event, and content promotion until they are ready to be passed to sales.

The USA is the home place to multiple industries and organizations, and more than half of the population residing here belongs to some or the other job sectors. Planning for business or startups in the USA often takes on a scientific approach, with everything being quantified and tested. The B2B industry had been developing and modernized continuously over the past few years, by providing many newer types of products and services. Go4database team compiles data information from the most reliable sources of data so that the business can receive brand and loyalty and a great profit at the same time. This email list can be used in call centers, voice SMS companies, and lead generation companies. Go4database email list is competitive enough to improve conversions and revenue drastically. The only main aim is to offer the clients with high precision and consistency, with 80% accuracy and also deliverability assurance. We also provide replacement in case if there is a fall in the accuracy level. This is an opt-in email list and can be trusted for better performance in the market campaigns.

When you are executing a lead generation via email list campaign, it is common and a best practice to dedicate a lot of your focus on planning your campaign, segmenting the list and building out the emails. Content in nurture campaigns and newsletters is a very important component of your emails. Pay attention to the content that you will want to share in these emails and strategically map each piece of content to your email marketing efforts. Aligning the content creation with campaign planning is very crucial to your overall success.