Let our dynamic, trusted insights power your success. Our data compilation process uses multi-party levels to deliver a comprehensive database that powers your company’s products and technology with customizable, scalable, and trusted data. Let us help you provide real impact and value to your solutions, going above and beyond your client’s expectations.

"Whether you are a small start-up or a multi-national company Go4database.com® wants to be your database licensing partner. Our team of experts can customize a program to meet your needs. If you are unsure what you need, give us a call. Our experienced consultants can guide you through the process of building your product.

DataConnect API
DataConnect is the Go4database.com® solution to your “real-time” data needs. It is a portal into our rich set of databases that allows Value-Added Resellers (VARs) to query data in any way that they want and then pull back results. They can then take those results and incorporate them into their specific consumer facing products to solve problems, provide research or create targeted marketing lists.

Our DataConnect API is a great resource for any company that has a need for data but does not want to house a database. The best part about this solution is that you always have access to the most current data available ensuring that you are always producing the most accurate results.

If you have a need for consuming data but not sure that you want to mess around with housing a database, give us a call. We would love to discuss your project to see if DataConnect will meet your needs.

Local Search / LBS
Go4database.com® builds its business and consumer databases with an eye on quality. We know that if one of your local or mobile search customers is given bad information they won’t come back, which costs you money. That is the reason we attempt to triple verify all of our business records through a proprietary compilation process creating the most accurate business database available. Here are some of the types of products that our data is ideally suited for.

Local Search
Search Engines
Mobile Search
Internet Yellow Pages
Automotive Telematics Devices

Go4database.com® information is rich with content. The business database contains detailed industry classification data, franchises, geo-codes, detailed contact information corporate, Linkage and much more. In addition to traditional contact data the consumer database is full of great insight like household demographics, lifestyle characteristics, geo codes, hobbies and a host of other insights.

If you are contemplating a project, give Go4database.com® a call. It never costs a dime to talk and we enjoy consulting businesses on their business plans. Marketing Services / List Resellers Go4database.com® has thousands of customers who rely on us to provide the most accurate and up-to-date marketing information. Our databases are 95% accurate and have an industry leading deliverability rate. If you are a list reseller or want to add these services to your company’s repertoire, we can get you up and running quickly.

We offer the best databases, easy to use APIs and white-label, full-service list enhancement products. Some of the industries that take advantage of Go4database.com® list services include.

List Resellers
Ad Agencies
Online Printers
Business Services
CRM Providers
Data Processors

Are you looking at adding additional marketing services to your company? We would love to discuss your needs. Go4database.com® has a broad scope of services to help improve your bottom line.

Analytics / Business Intelligence (BI) / Geographic Information Service (GIS) Have you ever wondered who your best customers are? Or where a good place to put your next store might be? Just think if you had detailed information about where your competitors locations are, what pockets of the population are under-served in your industry and who had the most money to spend. Wouldn’t that make your decisions a little easier.

That is exactly the type of information that can be extracted from Go4database.com® business and consumer data sets. In addition to triple verifying our business data, we gather in-depth firmographics in our database. We have lifestyle characteristics, income and household data on our consumer file. No one can match the quality or depth of Go4database.com® files.

Here are some of the industries that have an appetite for this type of information
Site Selection (GIS)
Business Intelligence (BI)
Customer Analytics
Risk Management
Vendor Spend Analysis

If you are building a research or analytics product and you want to best data available, we would be happy to talk about how Go4database.com® may be able to help.

Reference/411/Skip Tracing
Because Go4database.com® puts so much emphasis on data quality, our databases are a natural fit for research and tracking applications. With 260 million consumers and 15 Million businesses in our databases, you have a great chance of finding what you are looking for.

It is not just the quality that sets our data apart though. Both our business and consumer database are full of rich information that can help separate your research results from your competitors. We focus on gathering in-depth demographics/firmographics, lifestyle data, ailments and much more. "