1. Do I need to register to use the Go4database site ?

You can use our Go4database website to run through the site without setting up an account, but you should register to get a quote and to make a purchase.

2. What to do if we face any login issues ?

If you face any issue while logging into Go4database site then once check the account details which you gave. You can also contact the support team for help

3. How can I update the account information ?

To update your Go4database account information, please contact the Go4database representative or you can also contact using the number avaialable in the site homepage.

4. What information does Go4database contain ?

Go4database contains the information of targeted customers in the form of lists such as phone lists, email lists, business lists, consumer lists, website lists etc.

5. I forgot my password. How to reset the password ?

To reset the password request the support team for a password reset link and then you can login with the new password.

6. Does it contain lists related to any place or it contains global information?

Go4database contains lists of various places of all the continents. It consists of categories of these places according to each continent separately.

7. Is the data in Go4database updated accordingly with the new records?

Go4database always strives to works towards the best and the database is updated every now and then. We can find new customers, identify new opportunities and build targeted marketing lists using the most-up-to-date records of the database.

8. How accurate is your data?

Go4database provides you with most accurate and reliable data with almost about 80 - 90 percent accuracy.

9. What if the data is not accurate as that said by the Go4database team ?

If the accuracy of the data provided is less than 80 percent then our team will provide you with replacement policy where your data will be replaced within 24 hours of your request.

10. How can I remove my record from the database ?

All the information is compiled from the public sources. If you want to remove your business information from our database, please send a removal request on company letterhead to the company address or you can even contact the help team for suggestions.

11. Is the data provided by Go4database real ?

We can get 100% verified leads of various categories from Go4database and it also provides customize & error-free database information as per our requirements.

12. Where did you get the data from ?

Go4database is being created by multiple sources like Tele survey, website busniess directory, registered service partners, google display contacts, job survey, onilne portals, affiliate networks and lead generation company.

13. Are your mailing lists authentic ?

Yes, we offer authentic datasets to our customers and we ensure that our lists are up-to-date and error-free.

14. What are the formats in which the datasets will be delivered ?

We deliver data in easily downloadable formats such as .csv and .xls. Files in these formats can easily be opened in Microsoft Excel, WordPad, Notepad and OpenOffice.

15. what type of support facilities do you provide ?

You can contact us any time and we will be at your service. We help you to deal with all type of issues by answering your queries through phone calls, live chat and Email support.

1. Can you provide all types of data?

No, data used for lead generation is our specialty.

2. How soon will I get my leads?

Depending on which type of lead you purchase, you may receive your leads within 30 minutes after ordering. Your consultant will give you guidance and ETA for the arrival of your leads.

3. Do you need to login to purchase the leads ?

Yes you should login into the site to purchase any kind of leads and also to get any kind of lists.

4. What are the categories of lists that are available for selecting the leads?

The various lists which are available are - Email lists, Phone lists, Website lists, Consumer lists and Business lists

5. What does email lists contain?

Email lists contains the email addresses and other information of the customers and by this we can talk directly to the inbox of customer email id. These email lists contain email ids and other relevant information and so these are also known as email leads or email database.

1. How quickly will I receive the order ?

Most list orders are delivered within minutes to the email address provided.

2. How do I place an order?

You can order directly through your appointed marketing consultant. Once the price, count and other details have been determined, an invoice will be sent to you by email. You can pay for your order electronically from the invoice and your leads will be delivered the same day your payment is received depending on compliance requirements and the type of data ordered.

3. What to do if I need to cancel my order ?

If you need to cancel your order, please contact your representative or contact the help team. There will be a 50% cancellation charge for all the orders.

4. Where can I view the cost of list which I want to order ?

When you open the lists, you can view the cost of the required list before the buy option.

5. What are the categories of lists which I can order ?

You can order different types of email lists or phone lists which you wish .

1. What payment options do you accept ?

We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and also the cheques. Please make cheques payable to Go4database.com and also mail us.

2. Do you have any refund policies ?

We do not have any refund or return policies but replacement is provided for the data.We always provide accurate,verified and validated data and if you face any problems with regard to the data, you can contact our team any time and solve your problem.

3. Are there any long term contracts or long term agreements?

No. Each order is completely independent of other future orders which you place with us. We want you to be satisfied from invoice to invoice and not do business with us because you are tied up in an agreement or contract.

4. I made the payment for my order but I still did not receive any mail. What should I do ?

Due to mailing issues of the e-mail provider or the mail server, you might not receive a delivery e-mail from us. In such case, we recommend you to contact us for assistance.

5. If any issues occur is there any time limit for requesting about them ?

Requests for non-delivery or any such issues must be submitted to our department within 7 days of the purchase date. If we do not receive from you within that time period, then the product will be considered received and downloaded.

1. Is your site secure ?

Yes, Go4database is secure to use and all your details will be safely stored and will not be shared to anyone.

2. What is your privacy policy ?

To know our privacy policy click on this link https://go4database.com/privacy

3. Is it required to accept the cookies ?

Yes you need to accept the cookies if required, while using Go4database platform.

4. In which cases and on which the privacy policy is applied ?

Privacy policy applies to information which we may collect through the following sources: Directly from you. Indirectly from you when you use our platform. Information received about you from other sources, such as third parties from whom we obtain data. Through email, text or other electronic messages between you and our Site.

5. Does your site work on mobile also ?

Yes you can even use the Go4database services in your mobile.