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The country that united the kingdom consists of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The capitals of these countries are London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, respectively. These countries have there owned government apart from the united kingdom. These differ in power from each other and also in various aspects. But such power is delegated by the authority of the UK that is United Kingdom. United Kingdom has the world's sixth-largest economy in the world by nominal gross domestic product: GDP and the ninth-largest purchasing power party (PPP). United kingdom also has a high-income economy and a very high human development index, ranking 14th in the world. Uk was the world's first industrialized country in the world.

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Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Nigeria 206.14 Western Africa
Ethiopia 114.96 Eastern Africa
Egypt 102.33 Northern Africa
DR Congo 89.56 Middle Africa
Tanzania 59.73 Eastern Africa
South Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
South Africa 59.31 Southern Africa
Kenya 53.77 Eastern Africa
Uganda 45.74 Eastern Africa
Algeria 43.85 Northern Africa
Sudan 43.85 Northern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Morocco 36.91 Northern Africa
Angola 32.87 Middle Africa
Mozambique 31.26 Eastern Africa
Ghana 31.07 Western Africa
Madagascar 27.69 Eastern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Cameroon 26.55 Middle Africa
Côte d'Ivoire Email List 26.38 Western Africa
Niger 24.21 Western Africa
Burkina Faso 20.90 Western Africa
Mali 20.25 Western Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Malawi 19.13 Eastern Africa
Zambia 18.38 Eastern Africa
Senegal 16.74 Western Africa
Chad 16.43 Middle Africa
Somalia 15.89 Eastern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Zimbabwe 14.86 Eastern Africa
Guinea 13.13 Western Africa
Rwanda 12.95 Eastern Africa
Benin 12.12 Western Africa
Burundi 11.89 Eastern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Tunisia 11.82 Northern Africa
South Sudan 11.19 Eastern Africa
Togo 8.28 Western Africa
Sierra Leone 7.98 Western Africa
Libya 6.87 Northern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Congo 5.52 Middle Africa
Liberia 5.06 Western Africa
Central African Republic 4.83 Middle Africa
Mauritania 4.65 Western Africa
Eritrea 3.55 Eastern Africa

Top Business Cities In UK

  • Singapore
  • UAE
  • Canada

Some Important Business Facts & Consumer Buying Behavior of UK

Manchester Manchester is the second city in England. It is now a majorly known for cultural hub and is also famous for its many nightclubs, extensive libraries, and glorious sporting things. The flying distance from Manchester to London is 163 miles that are equal to 262 kilometers. Manchester is located in northwest England on the bank of Irwell River, about 50 km. Glasgow Glasgow has changed from an industrial city to the cultural capital of Europe. It also has shipbuilding heritage with many oceans that are constructed on the banks of the river cycle. It is among one of the safest places to live, especially for tourists. The things you can feel dangerous here are petty thefts and possible danger of terrorist attacks. Apart from that, you are enough safe here.

Business Ethics of UK

Newcastle Newcastle is referred to one of the most popular iconic city of Britain and is famous for industrial heritage and its popular nightlife and distinct regional dialect. It is also among the cities that are worth visiting once as it has beautiful, preserved streets and high buildings. The things that look to great are a collection of roads around the grey mountain. This scene seems too impressive. Here the gem is theatre royal. Sheffield This country has become the rising star of the UK in the arts and cultural scene. The artistic skill of the people of Sheffield is increasing day by day. Mainly famous for its stainless steel cutlery theatre and museums. This city is reported to be the safest city in the UK. The people living in Sheffield are called as shefilsder.

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in UK




Pulteney Bridge


Highclere Castle

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