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Any person of any religion or country can own a house in Dubai. The person can purchase the property at the freehold property market in designated areas; you are not required to hold any residency to buy the property. Dubai cost 1000 dollar to a single person to live, and this cost is without rent. Dubai has less cost of living than new York as it is 32% lower than in new York the living index in Dubai is 69. The wealthiest country of Arab is Qatar, as its GDP is approximately $134,620. Qatar is not only the most prosperous country but also the most affluent nation worldwide.

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Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Nigeria 206.14 Western Africa
Ethiopia 114.96 Eastern Africa
Egypt 102.33 Northern Africa
DR Congo 89.56 Middle Africa
Tanzania 59.73 Eastern Africa
South Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
South Africa 59.31 Southern Africa
Kenya 53.77 Eastern Africa
Uganda 45.74 Eastern Africa
Algeria 43.85 Northern Africa
Sudan 43.85 Northern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Morocco 36.91 Northern Africa
Angola 32.87 Middle Africa
Mozambique 31.26 Eastern Africa
Ghana 31.07 Western Africa
Madagascar 27.69 Eastern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Cameroon 26.55 Middle Africa
Côte d'Ivoire Email List 26.38 Western Africa
Niger 24.21 Western Africa
Burkina Faso 20.90 Western Africa
Mali 20.25 Western Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Malawi 19.13 Eastern Africa
Zambia 18.38 Eastern Africa
Senegal 16.74 Western Africa
Chad 16.43 Middle Africa
Somalia 15.89 Eastern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Zimbabwe 14.86 Eastern Africa
Guinea 13.13 Western Africa
Rwanda 12.95 Eastern Africa
Benin 12.12 Western Africa
Burundi 11.89 Eastern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Tunisia 11.82 Northern Africa
South Sudan 11.19 Eastern Africa
Togo 8.28 Western Africa
Sierra Leone 7.98 Western Africa
Libya 6.87 Northern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Congo 5.52 Middle Africa
Liberia 5.06 Western Africa
Central African Republic 4.83 Middle Africa
Mauritania 4.65 Western Africa
Eritrea 3.55 Eastern Africa

Top Business Cities In UAE

  • Singapore
  • UAE
  • Canada

Some Important Business Facts & Consumer Buying Behavior of UAE

Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi is a very safe place to live in and also travel to. Almost all visitors say that it is among the safest place to live in the world. But if you are planning to visit here, then safety might not be an issue. It is the capital of UAE. The city is situated on the Persian Gulf; if you are planning to travel to Abu Dhabi, you must visit in July and August. Dubai Dubai is one of the safest middle earn countries and is best for tourists to visit. You will enjoy visiting here. The crime rate in Dubai is also meager as compared to other countries. Dubai has stringent rules, and due to these, people follow all the rules.

Business Ethics of UAE

Ajman If you want to go to Ajman, you have five easy ways: to take a metro from l to union red. The second is to take a bus from the union bus station to Ajman. Ajman is very affordable; it does not have very high price rates and is the safest country in the world to live. Fujairah Fujairah is known for its rugged mountains that are trap between Fujairah and the eastern coast of the Gulf of Oman; this has the most fertile soil. Sharjah Sharjah is an affordable city to live in you safe here the malls such as the French supermarket help increase GDP and have a better standard of living than other countries and are the best places to live in. Umm al Quwain

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in UAE

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