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Canada is on the 10th number when talking about its advanced economy. Canada is full of natural resources with many sources of freshwater and many beautiful places to visit. Canada also has a well developed international trade network in the world. Canada is also part of many international and intergovernmental organizations like the United Nations, NATO, G7, G20, and many more. This country even has the world's most extensive coastline in the world. Canada has millions of lakes, and many amazing things, such as the world's oldest rock, can be found here. Being the world's second-largest country, Canada has a population of 35 million in 2012. The major languages spoken here are English and French. Canada is majorly known for hockey, maple syrup, and more. This can have great diversity here. You can see people from different countries working together and this country provide you great exposure.

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Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Nigeria 206.14 Western Africa
Ethiopia 114.96 Eastern Africa
Egypt 102.33 Northern Africa
DR Congo 89.56 Middle Africa
Tanzania 59.73 Eastern Africa
South Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
South Africa 59.31 Southern Africa
Kenya 53.77 Eastern Africa
Uganda 45.74 Eastern Africa
Algeria 43.85 Northern Africa
Sudan 43.85 Northern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Morocco 36.91 Northern Africa
Angola 32.87 Middle Africa
Mozambique 31.26 Eastern Africa
Ghana 31.07 Western Africa
Madagascar 27.69 Eastern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Cameroon 26.55 Middle Africa
Côte d'Ivoire Email List 26.38 Western Africa
Niger 24.21 Western Africa
Burkina Faso 20.90 Western Africa
Mali 20.25 Western Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Malawi 19.13 Eastern Africa
Zambia 18.38 Eastern Africa
Senegal 16.74 Western Africa
Chad 16.43 Middle Africa
Somalia 15.89 Eastern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Zimbabwe 14.86 Eastern Africa
Guinea 13.13 Western Africa
Rwanda 12.95 Eastern Africa
Benin 12.12 Western Africa
Burundi 11.89 Eastern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Tunisia 11.82 Northern Africa
South Sudan 11.19 Eastern Africa
Togo 8.28 Western Africa
Sierra Leone 7.98 Western Africa
Libya 6.87 Northern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Congo 5.52 Middle Africa
Liberia 5.06 Western Africa
Central African Republic 4.83 Middle Africa
Mauritania 4.65 Western Africa
Eritrea 3.55 Eastern Africa

Top Business Cities In Canada

  • Singapore
  • UAE
  • Canada

Some Important Business Facts & Consumer Buying Behavior of Canada

Collingwood Collingwood is a town that is situated in Canada. It is at Nottaway saga Bay in the southern part of Georgian Bay. Collingwood is one of the top business cities in Canada. It is a large industrial base that includes Pilkington glass of Canada and even the Goodall rubber company. Colington is famous for skiing, ski resorts. These are its attraction during winter, while in summer, the charm of Collingwood is caves of Niagara escarpment. Collingwood is also known for its blue mountains. Toronto. Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is the largest city in Canada and has a lot of diversity. Toronto is famous for many tourist attractions, many museums, and galleries. With its world-famous CN tower and great Niagara falls. Edmonton. Edmonton is in North America's northern modern area. It is also the home of the biggest mall in North America, Fort Edmonton Park, Canada's largest living history museum. This has many famous great spots that attract tourists to have a visit over here. Vancouver. The thing which Vancouver is famous for is its great tasty seafood. Mainly it's salmon. Pacific salmon is shipped to every part of the world. But it does not as better as it tastes in here. Vancouver is the safest place to live in Canada. Downtown is a bustling area; therefore, id reasonably safe, particularly the western region.

Business Ethics of Canada

Waterloo The thing which waterloo is known for is the university of waterloo and its Wilfrid Laurier University. These two universities are among the top university of Canadas,

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Canada

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