Europe continent is found totally in the Northern Hemisphere and generally in the Eastern Hemisphere. It includes the westernmost piece of Eurasia and is circumscribed by the Arctic Ocean toward the north, the Atlantic Ocean toward the west, the Mediterranean Sea toward the south, and Asia toward the east.

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The European Union, a political element made out of 28 European states, includes the biggest single monetary region on the planet. Five European nations rank in the best ten of the world's biggest public economies in GDP. This incorporates Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and Italy. The most extravagant as far as GDP per capita is Monaco with its US$172,676 per capita (2009) and the least fortunate is Moldova with its GDP per capita of US$1,631 (2010). Monaco is the most extravagant nation regarding GDP per capita.

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Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Nigeria 206.14 Western Africa
Ethiopia 114.96 Eastern Africa
Egypt 102.33 Northern Africa
DR Congo 89.56 Middle Africa
Tanzania 59.73 Eastern Africa
South Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
South Africa 59.31 Southern Africa
Kenya 53.77 Eastern Africa
Uganda 45.74 Eastern Africa
Algeria 43.85 Northern Africa
Sudan 43.85 Northern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Morocco 36.91 Northern Africa
Angola 32.87 Middle Africa
Mozambique 31.26 Eastern Africa
Ghana 31.07 Western Africa
Madagascar 27.69 Eastern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Cameroon 26.55 Middle Africa
Côte d'Ivoire Email List 26.38 Western Africa
Niger 24.21 Western Africa
Burkina Faso 20.90 Western Africa
Mali 20.25 Western Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Malawi 19.13 Eastern Africa
Zambia 18.38 Eastern Africa
Senegal 16.74 Western Africa
Chad 16.43 Middle Africa
Somalia 15.89 Eastern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Zimbabwe 14.86 Eastern Africa
Guinea 13.13 Western Africa
Rwanda 12.95 Eastern Africa
Benin 12.12 Western Africa
Burundi 11.89 Eastern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Tunisia 11.82 Northern Africa
South Sudan 11.19 Eastern Africa
Togo 8.28 Western Africa
Sierra Leone 7.98 Western Africa
Libya 6.87 Northern Africa
Countries Population (in Million) Zone
Congo 5.52 Middle Africa
Liberia 5.06 Western Africa
Central African Republic 4.83 Middle Africa
Mauritania 4.65 Western Africa
Eritrea 3.55 Eastern Africa

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  • Canada

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European Union has the biggest economy in the agrarian, modern and administration areas. The European Union has huge coal, oil, and flammable gas holds. There are six oil makers in the European Union, albeit most oil creation occurs in the North Sea oilfields. The United Kingdom by a wide margin is the biggest maker, anyway Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and the Netherlands all produce oil. The European Union is the eighth biggest maker of oil. The administrations area by far the most important sector in the European Union contrasted with the assembling business and farming. Unemployment fluctuates by member state, the least rate is in Ireland while the most elevated is in Poland. The normal for the 12 eurozone individuals is additionally. European nations are in such closeness to each other and that societies will in general blend for business and different reasons, people in Europe typically know more than one language. In Europe, there is a more great emphasis on work-life balance, with representatives in numerous nations getting as long as about a month and a half of paid get-away and working far less hours.

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The European Union is a significant vacationer location, both from outside of the Union and within it. Inner the travel industry is extraordinarily helped by the Schengen deal and the Euro. All residents of the European Union are qualified for movement to any part state without the need of a visa. France is the world's main traveler objective, by number of vacationers. Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria are all additionally inside the main 10. The top hotels in Europe are: GRAND HOTEL DE CALA ROSSA, PORTO-VECCHIO, LE BRISTOL, PARIS, ALCUZCUZ, ANDALUCIA, THE ALBATROZ HOTEL, CASCAIS, MANDARIN ORIENTAL HYDE PARK and THE ROSEWOOD in LONDON and many more.

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