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Success rate by using enquiry strategy


 Go4database not only generates leads via lead generation via enquiry. Business enquiries are questions with regards to that particular business. For example asking a company for more information about a product or service you are interested in purchasing is a business enquiry.From the business point of view, enquiries are found at the TOP of the business sales funnel. It's the 1st contact that the customer is making with the business to mostly seek additional information about the product or service.Then, it's the business's role to respond to the inquiries and turn them into leads as the goal is to guide the client from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom until the deal is made.

Business inquiries could be insignificant, and there could be thousands of them depending on the business size. Often, after inquiring, we are not addressed by a human, but auto referred to a self-help webpage.

Success is when you generate more enquiries which further generates more leads in return. To be successful in generating leads via enquiry process, Go4database team have to think about more enquiries. Below are the thoughts we should have about how we can get more enquiries on our website :

  • Know your target market

  • Why will people visit my website? When would they do this?

  • Why should they use YOU? What makes you different from your competitors?

  • Can you prove it? Saying you’re the best company in the world is fine, but if you’re not, you will lose trust and credibility throughout the rest of your website.

  • Why should they contact you? you have to give your customers instructions and benefits to why they should get in have to be more direct online.

  • Keep it up to date

  • Ensure your website is found in the search engines.

  • Keyword research

Persuading people to make enquiries with your business moves them further along the sales funnel and gets them a little closer to becoming a fully-fledged customer. No matter what industry you operate in, moving from brand awareness to engagement is a critical step to facilitate customer acquisition.

When a prospective customer makes enquiries, your sales team has the opportunity to meet their needs and convert them into a client or customer. If successful marketing prompts engagement, for example, an effective sales strategy takes the target a stage further.However, securing higher rates of engagement isn’t always easy.

Successfully prompting more enquiries is good for your business, providing you’ve got the resources and manpower to respond effectively. If your latest campaign is designed to boost engagement, make sure you’ve thought about how you’ll cope with the influx of calls, emails and live chat requests you’re about to receive.You may need to schedule staff to work more hours, enhance your server capabilities or arrange of third-party specialists to process some enquiries. By taking these steps, you can ensure that the increase in enquiries isn’t wasted and leads to genuine financial gains for your business.

Every overseas trade enquiry is a potential export order. Converting an enquiry into real business depends on how you handle it.An unsolicited enquiry can result in a new export customer for your business.

But there are also people and organisations that seek to take advantage of others. To protect yourself it is important to check the credentials of any enquirer.

First, you need to verify if they are a legitimate business so you can then decide if it's worth your time and effort. Screening enquiries takes time and effort.

Most enquiries arrive by email, including scams. Before sending any product or service information to an enquirer, confirm that the person is who they say they are. Check they have a legitimate business, and that the enquiry is genuine. Research the company.

When you receive an enquiry, search the company name on the web through a search engine such as Google. This is a good way to check any claims the enquirer may be making. If the company doesn’t have a website or you can’t find a mention of their name on other sites, this may be cause for initial concern.

After you decide an enquiry is legitimate, then introduce yourself, your company and ask some questions about the enquirer. You can do this over email.Show that distance is no barrier to effective and speedy communication.If the enquiry looks promising, phone immediately and then follow up by email. 

Always respond with a courtesy reply even if you are not interested. This is good manners and good business practice. It'll help the reputation of your company in the future. Respond with quality products or service sales literature. Spend time developing an email response template to save your time. Get some expert advice if necessary.Your initial response to an enquiry should include your latest product or service sales literature and refer to your website.

By following such tips, our database is successful in lead generation via enquiry.


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