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Sales of bulk SMS leads by Go4database


Go4database not only implements lead generation via bulk SMS but also provides sales which  are globally accessible. Go4database is the best platform which provides leads information for other companies and any company which is in need of leads can prefer this Go4database for perfect information. It is better to prefer Go4database because of following reasons:

  • Multi-level database Filtration

  • 80% accuracy commitment

  • Database is updated in every 6 months

  • 100% replacement warranty of wrong data

  • High skilled people to manage worldwide database/Leads

  • Very budgeted price

Go4database have worldwide databases majorly for GULF, USA, UK, CANADA, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, ITALY, BRAZIL, NORWAY, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AFRICA etc.

Go4database always tries to work towards the best. It works very hard to find new customers, identify new opportunities and build targeted marketing lists using all the up-to-date records. Generate more revenue and maximize ROI for your marketing campaigns and reduce marketing budget with Go4database Contact Lists and Email Marketing Services. Go4database contains phone lists such as Consumer phone list, Business phone list and various Country based phone lists. has an Alexa global rank of 4,061,047. Go4database has an estimated worth of US$ 16,702, based on the estimated Ads revenue. Go4database receives approximately 762 unique visitors each day. Its web server is located in Singapore, with an IP address According to SiteAdvisor, is safe to visit. 

 Go4database provides the following categories as a result of lead generation via bulk SMS sales globally :

? Business and Consumer Phone list

? US SMS Leads

? UK SMS Leads

? Italy SMS Leads

? Australia SMS Leads

? Italy Phone lists Leads

? Singapore SMS Leads

? Malaysia SMS Leads

? Germany SMS Leads

? Europe SMS Leads

? Russian SMS Leads

? Phone list across the Globe

Not only these, there are several other countries to which Go4database sales are available. 

Go4database have the following categories in sales:-

  • Residential 

  • Companies

  • Home owners

  • Business owner

  • Corporate employees

  • US UK calling database

  • SME

  • Startups

  • Telecom operators

  • TLD emails

  • Domain emails

  • Zip Code wise

The created database is made accessible to several other countries by Go4database and this sales process involves the below steps:

  • Take requirement

  • Availability check

  • Proposal

  • Billing and Payment

i) Take requirement : 

Know about client products or services, their exact audience and location

ii) Availability check : 

Check availability with the internal team and delivery time and ignore if it is standard.

iii) Proposal :

Drop clear email proposal with complete details of category and location along with pricing delivery TAT.

iv) Billing and Payment : 

Collect billing details, get the billing done and collect payment at specified mode in invoice.

In this way every service of Go4database is effectively accessible globally for everyone and the main aim of the Go4database is that:

  • striving to make the database system robust and secure, and it is being achieved by it.

  • proactively maintain and monitor the database system to prevent all the potential issues if any occur.

  • accurately diagnose and forecast the database system health and capacity to maximize ROI for the whole system;

  • quickly respond to stakeholder's support request to remove any work bottleneck on DBA side and persistently seek innovative ways to improve DBA work efficiency and quality.


Get 100% Verified Leads of various categories from Go4database and it provides Customize & Error-free Database as per your Requirements.

To get quality assurance of leads Go4database checks the email leads every now and then so as to remove the blocked email information if any stored in the database. After removing blocked emails, the email verifier is set ready to run to verify whether all remaining emails are active or not and by doing this process Go4database ensures that it has only the quality leads present in it.

Replacement and Refund in sales : 

There is no refund if the database is delivered to the customer.Replacement is possible if a problem is reported within 7 days of service delivery.  Replacement is done after checking the accuracy with the internal team and if the accuracy is less then there is a need to check and match the email ids for the replacement. Go4database team shall run the campaign on the same reported database if they found that the database is good on verification then the team shall share the report with the client and no replacement takes place. If the database is found to be bad then the team shall replace it within 24 hours of time.

According to Go4database, having a lead generation via bulk SMS strategy is very important for a company  to grow it’s customer base and also to generate more sales. Without an effective technique for gathering leads, any  business has to struggle to grow its sales and customers. Go4database is a one stop destination for all database related needs. It is the most accurate business database provider.

Go4database is perfect in its sales of email lists world wide and helping many of the companies in accessing this database information and improving their business growth.


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