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Go4database uses Lead generation via bulk sms as a technique to generate more leads in an efficient amount of time. Bulk SMS helps the Go4database to stand out from the competitors, strengthen customer communication and build a solid customer-base. With many advantages, Bulk SMS has become a part of every business campaign.As the mobile usage is expanding at an accelerated rate, Bulk SMS Service has become the most popular tool for Go4database to connect with the customers at a personalized level. We are living in a mobile era where every person has access to a cell phone. SMS Service enables business owners to communicate with their target customers 24/7 and reach them at the earliest.

Earning profit is the main objective of every business platform and Go4database has achieved many profits because of this lead generation via bulk sms strategy. Some of the advantages that Go4database has observed because of this strategy are:

  • Lead generation via bulk sms is the cheapest advertising strategy that is suitable for every kind of business platform. 

  • Bulk SMS is the most secure and spam free medium of communication. Unlike that of emails, every SMS that we send directly reaches the recipient in just a fraction of seconds.

  • By using bulk SMS Service, a Go4database or even any business can connect with millions of clients in a single click on the button. Bulk SMS is the only medium through which you can converse with a wide range of customers at the same time.

  • It is the easiest and fastest way to build brand visibility and publicize your products and services.

  • Bulk SMS helps in transmitting real-time notifications to the target customers. Using this tool, you can send crucial updates and alerts in a time-bound manner.

We know that mobile is the most important tool used by almost all the customers in today's world. So companies are also choosing phone lists as the best criteria to contact the customers in an easy manner through SMS. Also, it is much better than facebook and twitter and also email in terms of acquiring new customers.

Go4database is offering many types of such phone lists in order to contact the clients in an effective way and also to improve its business strategy and growth. We can widen the conversation channel by using Go4database phone lists because this database contains the contact numbers of the customers and by this we can talk directly to the customer. These phone lists contain phone numbers and other relevant information.Also bulk SMS medium is used for sharing important details such as order confirmation, courier status alert and more, again all the leads into providing a branding coverage.Some of the uses of bulk SMS according to Go4database are:

  • Sending important notifications

  • Reminders

  • Account alerts

  • Product related news

  • Service updates

  • Login details

  • Brand advertising

  • Event invitation

  • Real-time updates

  • Booking confirmation messages

  • Account status

Go4database team also shares its contents in the form of bulk sms through different applications so that the interested customers will contact the team in a very short time. Go4database platform provides its customers with the option of sms or chat in the site link also. Go4database implements lead generation via bulk sms by using its phone lists. Go4database uses phone lists for SMS or for contacting the customers by their contact numbers.Phone lists of Go4database are nothing but the records which contain phone number (mobile or landline) and other relevant information such as name, address of the customers. 

Go4database also creates phone lists and stores the contact numbers in the phone lists and phone lists are stored in a well categorized form. The phone lists are categorized based on the countries globally.


Use of Go4database phone lists are for:

  • Cold calling

  • Bulk SMS marketing

  • Whatsapp marketing 

  • Bulk voice SMS

  • Lead generation (IVR leads)

  • Data mining

  • Research or analysis

  • Database storage

  • Website listing creation


Go4database also uses several strategies to attract the customers. It provides interesting text messages via bulk SMS technique so that the customers feel excited with that type of messages and more leads can be generated in a very less time by Go4database with this type of approach. With the help of incorporating Bulk SMS services, a business can cater to the needs of every customer and create targeted campaigns thereby delivering value and offering better user experience.

Go4database contains phone lists for several countries globally. With the use of this database the company can generate leads via bulk sms across several countries by using the phone lists as reference. Bulk SMS is the best tool to maximize conversion rates, engage customers on a deeper level and grow profits at a rapid rate.

Go4database found many advantages with this bulk sms strategy and it is a best business platform which provides leads information for many other companies also in a global wide access. 


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