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Is bulk email strategy effective for lead generation


Go4database uses lead generation via bulk email to generate leads in a very faster way and also it reduces the effort of the Go4database team. Bulk email is nothing but about sending an email campaign to a group of people without any customization. The main goal of Go4database is to reach as many people as possible in short time and hope to get responses back soon or to get a few link clicks.The bulk email strategy used by Go4database uses a generic template messages mainly focusing on a large group of people which is usually not segmented. For this reason, this practice is being abandoned, and most marketers now prefer to send personalized messages according to the subscribers' interests.

A bulk email software can be one of the best ways to grow Go4database Email Lead Generation efforts. This strategy can be scaled to a large, targeted audience of prospects in bulk, but it needs to be handled very carefully. We should first know what we mean by “bulk email”. This type of email marketing involves sending messages in large quantities done at once. Go4database team have discovered that personalization and segmentation can help improve the results which are seen in these types of campaigns. The Go4database team can send bulk email campaigns to a limited number of contacts (usually under 10,000 emails) from a number of popular email sending tools.

Results achieved with the email marketing

Truth is that Go4database and other marketers usually do not give the bulk email strategy enough credit, and it is due to lack of tracking or proper planning of this strategy. Bulk emailing usually has a low conversion, but this mostly happens because there is no follow-up strategy, or strong content and copy.

Let us check out a few statistics that show the reasons why sending emails on a large scale can be beneficial for Go4database and other platforms:

Most of the people would rather be contacted via email than any other channel

An average number of people use mobile to check their emails, and that allows your business to reach people who are always on the run

It was expected that email accounts would reach a very huge number by the end of 2021.

99 percent of the people check their emails everyday

According to Go4database, lead generation via bulk email is effective because of the following reasons :

Huge Reach and Cost-Effective

Bulk mailing is an exceptionally inexpensive way of reaching a wide variety of audiences personally. This is one of the main advantages of bulk mailing.

It allows you to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. Also, it is extremely cost-effective compared to the ROI you yield.

Direct Access

Bulk emails give Go4database with direct access to its customers. You can contact your prospects and existing customers instantly on their personal emails. This is one of the effective ways to market your brand. Also, it creates awareness about Go4dataabse brand among the possible leads.

Real-time mails

Go4database can send bulk emails in real-time to its audience at once. Real-time mailing comes into picture when you are giving a limited offer or declaring something which is important.

Effectiveness of mails

Go4database can measure the effectiveness of its campaigns through insights. While sending bulk mails, tracking the conversion rates and click-through rates will help to understand and identify the audience behavior better.

You can understand what works for the audience and can strategize your campaigns, products, or services accordingly.

Generating high-quality leads

A great way of generating high-quality leads is through email marketing which is used by Go4database. With emails, you can know that your leads are not spam or irrelevant.

Emails increase the chances of conversion as well. Being sent to verified emails eliminates the chances of any spam and the leads that you end up with are exceptionally high-quality.

Retain existing customer

Another great advantage of bulk mailing is that it helps Go4database to retain its existing customers. You send them regular newsletters to keep them updated about your brand.

You can send them ‘thank you mails’ for being loyal customers. In addition to that, you can also send them personalized offers and deals. All these lead to a better customer experience and hence help you retain your existing customers.

Brand connection

Emails make your customers or prospects feel more connected to your brand. It is a personal communication platform that allows your customers and prospects to feel more connected, assured, and trustworthy towards your band.

According to Go4database, Bulk email can be as good as personalized email campaigns but it is necessary to put some effort into it and remember to use tracking tools to understand what works and what it does not. Just like every other strategy, bulk email will not have good results if there is nobody caring for it. Go4database have to gather the sales team and start brainstorming ways to create successful mass email campaigns in collaboration with the marketing team

Hence from the above discussion we can conclude that Lead generation via bulk email is very effective when compared to normal personalized emails.


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