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Introduction to Bulk SMS Lead Generation


Go4database not only generates leads through email lists but also implements lead generation via bulk SMS. Let us know more about SMS lead generation and why Go4database uses SMS for generating leads. 

Today mobile phones take the stand for being one of the most widely used devices and are always available at an arm's reach. And hence, SMS  makes for a great channel to build communication to generate leads. By using SMS marketing, Go4database sends sms texts to the customers and maintains end-to-end communication with the customers and generates leads as a result of this.

We know that mobile is the most important tool used by almost all the customers in today's world. So companies are also choosing phone lists as the best criteria to contact the customers in an easy manner through SMS. Also, it is much better than facebook and twitter and also email in terms of acquiring new customers.

Go4database is offering many types of such phone lists in order to contact the clients in an effective way and also to improve its business strategy and growth. We can widen the conversation channel by using Go4database phone lists because this database contains the contact numbers of the customers and by this we can talk directly to the customer. These phone lists contain phone numbers and other relevant information.

Techniques used by Go4database for SMS marketing :

  • Get your Prospects to Opt-in
  • Trigger Actions through Offers
  • Run Referral Programs through SMS
  • Create SMS Drip Campaigns
  • A/B Test your SMS Campaigns
  • Use Mobile-optimized Links
  • Leverage MMS
  • Use Shortcode Numbers for SMS Marketing


To get quality assurance of leads Go4database checks the contact leads every now and then so as to remove the blocked numbers information if any stored in the database. After removing the blocked numbers, the verifier is set ready to run to verify whether all remaining contact numbers are active or not and by doing this process Go4database ensures that it has only the quality leads present in it.

Lead Generation via Bulk SMS :

With normal SMS marketing it is difficult to generate leads in time because it takes more time to send texts to individual customers and to communicate separately with each and everyone. Go4database has come up with a new strategy called bulk SMS strategy to overcome this problem. According to Go4database, we can avoid the SMS marketing efforts with the use of bulk SMS campaigns. Unlike manually texting to each contact, Go4database can send messages to a large number of customers at once. 

Go4database uses phone lists for SMS or for contacting the customers by their contact numbers.Phone lists of Go4database are nothing but the records which contain phone number (mobile or landline) and other relevant information such as name, address of the customers.

Use of Go4database phone lists are for:

  • Cold calling
  • Bulk SMS marketing
  • Whatsapp marketing 
  • Bulk voice SMS
  • Lead generation (IVR leads)
  • Data mining
  • Research or analysis
  • Database storage
  • Website listing creation


For storing the contact numbers, Go4database filters the raw leads that are received from multiple other sources and checks for the active numbers through its software. And also checks the number before storing into the Go4database.

Go4database always tries to work towards the best. It works very hard to find new customers, identify new opportunities and build targeted marketing lists using all the up-to-date records. Generate more revenue and maximize ROI for your marketing campaigns and reduce marketing budget with Go4database Contact Lists and Email Marketing Services. G04database contains phone lists such as Consumer phone list, Business phone list and various Country based phone lists. has an Alexa global rank of 4,061,047. has an estimated worth of US$ 16,702, based on the estimated Ads revenue. receives approximately 762 unique visitors each day. Its web server is located in Singapore, with an IP address According to SiteAdvisor, is safe to visit. 

Go4database have worldwide databases majorly for GULF, USA, UK, CANADA, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, ITALY, BRAZIL, NORWAY, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AFRICA etc.

Go4database not only creates phone lists but also provides global sales of these database information to other companies and helps them to improve their business growth. Any company which is searching for leads can prefer Go4database as a best service platform which contains email and contact lists in a well categorized structure.

Why Go4database is different from others:



Database is mainly created based on the first requirement then after it is being converted into multiple sub categories. We have more than 200 countries and 50+ island’s database in our records. Location based databases should have address, city, state, zip code, country, Longitude and latitude etc.

In this way, Go4database uses bulk SMS to generate leads. Even at the site link we will have a chat option where we can send a message to the team and thereafter our contact will be saved in the database as per our interest and Go4database requirements. 


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