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Increasing leads by Increasing enquiries


Go4database not only generates leads via email and phone lists but also implements lead generation via enquiry. 

Lead generation is not a brand-new form of acquiring new business, but these days, the latest business trends and time necessities have found a better way to generate new leads. Today, there is no need to sit at a tradeshow table for hours or set up a display in hopes that target customers will fill the form. Nowadays, you can have leads generated and sent to you using cutting-edge technologies and feature-rich, responsive websites.However, many times, you observe that you are getting more traffic, but its conversion rate is lower. The reason behind it is simple – the traffic is not targeted. That is the reason, though more people are coming to your website, but not purchasing your product. The qualified web traffic or sales lead plays a vital role in pumping up your sales.

If you want to set your company, product, or services apart from your competitors, you can do it through awards and accreditations. So, if you have such kinds of awards and certifications, then highlight these on your website. It will help in building credibility, and your customers will see you as a true professional. You can include these on a dedicated page or use the footer of your website for it. By doing so, you can increase sales leads and generate more enquiries.

It is common that when people are not sure, they look at others to decide what to do. That is the reason you should always include social validation in your website. You can incorporate that in the form of testimonials.As per the study done by Dimensional Research, including positive testimonials on your website can influence your customers’ buying decision. The social proof generated through testimonials will help promote your brand credibility. As per the research, 50+ reviews per product can increase conversion rate by 4.6%. Briefly, user reviews are proven sales-drivers. Most of the customers want to see it before deciding to make a purchase.

Live chat is an important feature that you should incorporate in your website to help drive more enquiries and leads from your website. When you add a live chat feature on your website, it will allow users to engage in a live conversation with you directly. It will be helpful for new customers if they want to acquire more information. Moreover, in the same way, it will be beneficial for current customers if they need any support.

When a visitor fills and submits an inquiry form, that inquiry should reach the concerned person. Otherwise, the visitors lose directions because they do not know what happened after they have submitted the form.

It is of utmost importance to deliver a remarkable user experience for your clients, whether they are visiting your website via PC or mobile. It means your website must be responsive to all devices. If your website is not responsive to devices, then the chances are that they will leave your website. It will lead you to fewer inquiries. Therefore, to take charge of the online audience, you should develop a responsive website with properly visible contact details. Make it more effective by offering simplified website navigation through internal linking and by fixing the broken elements.

Concisely, there are many reasons your website is not getting enquiries. Hopefully, by reading this blog post, you have more of an idea of why you are not getting more sales leads and how to increase sales leads.

As discussed above, there are tons of ways to drive traffic to your website from social media to in-person marketing and everything in between. However, the most effective method depends on your brand and your consumers. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to boosting your ROI and lead generation. You will see which one is performing well only by trial and error.

By implementing the above-discussed tips and tricks, you can transform your underperforming websites into a resilient, reliable driver of new leads for your organization.When you provide your customers with relevant and useful information, they will see your company as an expert in that particular field. The simplest and effective way to do that is by starting a blog. Then, you can post regularly on it, such as news, updates, and information.

According to Go4database, having a lead generation via enquiry strategy is very important for a company  to grow it’s customer base and also to generate more sales. Without an effective technique for gathering leads, any  business has to struggle to grow its sales and customers. Go4database is a one stop destination for all database related needs. It is the most accurate business database provider.Go4database is providing many ways to generate the leads by solving the enquiries and it generates quality leads using this strategy.

In this way, Go4database uses many different ways for increasing the enquiries which further leads to increase of leads.


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