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How does Go4database use bulk SMS to generate leads


Go4database uses lead generation via bulk SMS as a strategy to generate leads. As a part of this strategy, Go4database sends bulk messages at once to the customers so as to communicate with them in an easy manner. In this competitive world of business, regular interaction with potential clients is a must and conversing with the target group is very important to avoid the loss of potential clients. Bulk SMS Service serves as an immediate, reliable and one of the fastest channels to converse with the potential clients, improve brand visibility and generate leads very effectively.

According to Go4database, the following points may help to generate leads via bulk SMS because Go4database team also use these tips to attract the customers. Let us look at some of the tips used by Go4database:

  • Identify your target customer group

  • Develop a marketing strategy

  • Discounts and offers

  • Always make your customers feel special

i) Identify your target customer group:

According to Go4database, this is an important step before planning an SMS Marketing campaign. Go4database suggest that:

  • Prepare a list of all the customer contacts.

  • After creating the list, categorize the contact numbers into separate groups. 

  • This grouping can be based on the demographic characteristics, previous purchase habits, preference, location, age group, etc. 

  • Here, you need to target that group which can generate maximum leads.

Go4database also creates phone lists and stores the contact numbers in the phone lists and phone lists are stored in a well categorized form. The phone lists are categorized based on the countries globally.

ii) Develop a marketing strategy

The strategy will be varying according to the requirements of the group, business objectives and marketing method. You will have to create different SMS strategies for different groups based on the interest. Selection of the strategy will be based on the customer's actions. If you notice that a particular plan of action is not delivering the desired results, then you can go for another plan.

Go4database also uses different plans and implements them one by one according to the situation and requirements.

iii) Discounts and offers

Promote your business by advertising your brand. Share discounts, exciting offers, festive deals to the target audience. Make the message text interesting to read. Avoid using too many abbreviations. The ideal length is 160 characters. You can even customize the messages based on the names of your clients. This will make your text appealing to read and generate credibility at a faster pace.

Go4database also uses this strategy to attract the customers. It provides interesting text messages via bulk SMS technique so that the customers feel excited with that type of messages and more leads can be generated in a very less time by Go4database with this type of approach. 

iv) Always make your customers feel special

In order to retain existing clients and attract new clients, it is important to build fruitful customer relations and a great user experience. Creating value should be the aim of every business. Sending greetings on their birthdays, asking for their feedback, suggestions, sharing tips and user-guides are some of the best ways to build customer loyalty.

Go4database also tries its best to attract and gather more customers by using such tips.


Go4database is offering many types of such phone lists in order to contact the clients in an effective way and also to improve its business strategy and growth. We can widen the conversation channel by using Go4database phone lists because this database contains the contact numbers of the customers and by this we can talk directly to the customer. These phone lists contain phone numbers and other relevant information.

For storing the contact numbers, Go4database filters the raw leads that are received from multiple other sources and checks for the active numbers through its software. And also checks the number before storing into the Go4database.


Database is mainly created based on the first requirement then after it is being converted into multiple sub categories. We have more than 200 countries and 50+ island’s database in our records. Location based databases should have address, city, state, zip code, country, Longitude and latitude etc.

Even when we visit the Go4database site using the link www.Go4database .com we can see a message or chat option which is provided. By using this option the customers can SMS to the Go4database team and by showing such interest the team thinks that we want to join as a lead and hence our contact number will be stored in the Go4database in the phone lists.


Use of Go4database phone lists are for:

  • Cold calling

  • Bulk SMS marketing

  • Whatsapp marketing 

  • Bulk voice SMS

  • Lead generation (IVR leads)

  • Data mining

  • Research or analysis

  • Database storage

  • Website listing creation

This is the way in which Go4database stores the contact numbers in the phone lists and uses them for generating leads. Go4database communicates with the customers by lead generation via bulk SMS technique using these contact numbers in the phone lists.


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