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Go4database not only generates leads via email and phone lists but also implements lead generation via enquiry. An effective website is one of the most vital tools that every business should have.Your website should also bring you new enquiries from people who find you online.In other words, your website must be designed, developed, and managed in a way that will help you convert that visitor into an enquiry. A profitable website is one that attracts great leads, consistently, with minimal investment in online advertising.A common complaint from new clients is that their existing website is not providing the number of leads or sales they expect. Sometimes development of a new site is the best way to address this, but often optimising their existing site can be just as effective and costs a lot less.

Following are the questions that has to be considered while you think about a website which should generate more enquiries :

  1. Calls to action – Does EVERY page of your website have at least one call to action? Are contact details clear and easy to access from EVERY page?

  2. Blogging – Does your website have a blog that is being regularly kept up to date with fresh, good quality content? Are these articles ranking in Google, being shared in social media and attracting enquiries?

  3. Unique Selling Points – Your potential customers have lots of choice. Are you communicating clearly why you are a better choice than any of your competitors? Are you giving potential customers compelling reasons to choose you?

  4. Video – Are you using video effectively on every important page of your website? Are there links to your YouTube channel? Do the videos look and sound professional?

  5. Analytics – Do you have web analytics software which tracks the number and source of all website visitors, as well as user behaviour – for example Google Analytics? Are these analytics being reviewed every month to make decisions to improve results?

  6. Copy – Is the copy on EVERY page well written, informative, easy to understand and (most importantly) persuasive? Does each page fully answer your prospects' questions?

  7. Social Networking – Is it easy for web visitors to connect with you through your social media accounts?

  8. Professional Design – Does your site pass the ‘blink test’, giving first time visitors an instantly good feeling about your business?

  9. User-Friendly – Is your website navigation consistent on each page, clear and easy to use? 

  10. Trust – Are you using testimonials, case studies and examples to show how great your products and services are throughout the site?

  11. Mobile – Is your website easy to use on a smartphone without ‘pinching’ the screen to zoom in?

In the real world, a great way of increasing the number of sales or enquiries is to increase footfall. Getting more customers into a shop is likely to lead to more sales.In the digital world, increasing the visibility of your site on search engines has the same effect. By appearing in more searches and higher up in the results, you’re likely to receive more visitors and by extension, more enquiries or sales.

Addressing the following issues will help to give your users a better experience, keeping people on your site. This improved engagement should encourage more enquiries or sales.

  • Page load speed

  • Website responsiveness

  • Page complexity.

As sites get more complex and image-led, the time it takes for a page to load has increased. Users on slower connections and mobile devices can find this delay frustrating, so slow page speed could be driving users away from your site.On average, around 50% of traffic to a site comes from mobiles and tablets. This means it’s essential that you make sure your website is responsive – that it works properly across all devices and screen sizes.The route to simplifying your pages is to focus on the goal you want the page to deliver – for example increasing enquiries. Then think about your audience: what is it they need to know before they can make an enquiry? How can you push them towards this task?

Review the page – consider removing anything that doesn’t support the main goal. Look at the content – is anything missing that users need to make their decision?Also look at the structure of the content. Are you using subheadings and bullet points to highlight the key information to your audiences? Are images relevant to the content? Are sentences short and written using plain language?Addressing these issues will help your users to find the information they need in order to complete their task.

It’s tempting to create a website that reflects your business and its structures, but this can put you at a disadvantage if this doesn’t directly align with what users are looking for.Instead, use your keyword and user research to understand what it is about your offer that prospective customers want. The next step is to ensure your headings, imagery, calls to action and other content are aligned with this. By doing so, you make it immediately obvious to users that you do what they’re looking for, leading to more conversions.In this way, Go4database uses many different ways for generating more enquiries which further leads to increase of leads.


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