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Comparing enquiry strategy with other strategies


 Go4database not only generates lead via lead generation via enquiry. Lead generation is the process of turning an anonymous website visitor into sales opportunities. Leads are the key factors for exploring the window of sales opportunities. Probably, our database website has been designed to look attractive but not designed to convert. In such a case, we need a kind of website that generates qualified leads. In simple words,the website should convert the visitors into loyal customers by generating enquiries.

Our team has been working very hard to find and optimise the website to increase the sales enquiries on the website.Business enquiries are questions with regards to that particular business. For example asking a company for more information about a product or service you are interested in purchasing is a business enquiry.From the business point of view, enquiries are found at the TOP of the business sales funnel. It's the 1st contact that the customer is making with the business to mostly seek additional information about the product or service.Then, it's the business's role to respond to the inquiries and turn them into leads as the goal is to guide the client from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom until the deal is made.

in an effective way and also to improve its business strategy and growth. We can widen the conversation channel by using our database email lists because this database contains the email addresses of the customers and by this we can talk directly to the inbox of customer email id. These email lists contain email ids and other relevant information and so these are also known as email leads or email database.

With normal SMS marketing it is difficult to generate leads in time because it takes more time to send texts to individual customers and to communicate separately with each and everyone. Go4database has come up with a new strategy called bulk SMS strategy to overcome this problem. According to Go4database, we can avoid the SMS marketing efforts with the use of bulk SMS campaigns. Unlike manually texting to each contact, we can send messages to a large number of customers at once.Database uses phone lists for SMS or for contacting the customers by their contact numbers.Phone lists are nothing but the records which contain phone number (mobile or landline) and other relevant information such as name, address of the customers.

 Go4database sends bulk SMS at once to all the customers instead of sending messages to each and every customer separately so that this lead generation via bulk SMS strategy can help to save the time and also to maintain effective conversation with the customers.When compared to email lists, lead generation via bulk SMS is very effective according to database because response to the SMS will be faster when compared to others.

 Even when we visit the site using the link www.Go4database .com we can see a message or chat option which is provided. By using this option the customers can SMS to the database team and by showing such interest the team thinks that we want to join as a lead.

There is no refund if the database is delivered to the customer.Replacement is possible if a problem is reported within 7 days of service delivery.  Replacement is done after checking the accuracy with the internal team and if the accuracy is less then there is a need to check and match the email ids for the replacement. The team shall run the campaign on the same reported database if they find that the database is good on verification then the team shall share the report with the client and no replacement takes place. If the database is found to be bad then the team shall replace it within 24 hours of time.

A bulk email software can be one of the best ways for a database to grow its Email Lead Generation efforts. This strategy can be scaled to a large, targeted audience of prospects in bulk, but it needs to be handled very carefully. This type of email marketing involves sending messages in large quantities all at once. The  team have discovered that personalization and segmentation can help improve the results seen in these types of campaigns. The team can send bulk email campaigns to a limited number of contacts (usually under 10,000 emails) from a number of popular email sending tools.

`When a visitor fills and submits an inquiry form, that inquiry should reach the concerned person. Otherwise, the visitors lose directions because they do not know what happened after they have submitted the form.

According to Go4database, having a lead generation via enquiry strategy is very important for a company  to grow it’s customer base and also to generate more sales. Without an effective technique for gathering leads, any  business has to struggle to grow its sales and customers. Our database is a one stop destination for all database related needs. It is the most accurate business database provider.Go4database is providing many ways to generate the leads by solving the enquiries and it generates quality leads using this strategy.


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