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Common Customer Enquiries


Go4database generates leads via lead generation via enquiry. You can have a great product and a very talented staff. But the one thing that the majority of the customers will remember in all likelihood is the direct interaction they had with your business. Businesses have grown more concerned; some may say, even obsessed with how their customers are treated. 

The core value of outstanding customer service is centralized around attending to the needs and expectations of your customers through careful listening. Therefore, to prevent the relationship from stagnating, you have to be constantly looking out for newer and innovative opportunities for experience enhancement. Remember, if you can resolve these issues successfully, you would have won a customer for their lifetime. They will return to you again and again, thus, boosting revenue and profits. On the other hand, if the handling is poor, expect your customers to bolt to your closest competitor. And with it goes your revenue too. 

Customers today expect communication with service departments to be instant. In fact, they want immediate resolution of their concerns too. This is, indisputably, the first in the long list of the common problem with customer service that needs to be addressed by businesses. 

To help you deliver the right resolution, you can do the following:

  • Ensure that you have understood the issue about what the customer requires and double-check the problem if required

  • Follow it up with a genuine apology because many customers are simply looking for an acknowledgment of the mistake made by the business

  • If you do not have a solution right away, then admit it to the customer right away

  • On the other hand, if a ready solution is available, then share it with the customer immediately

When people engage with businesses, and it does not turn out as per their expectations, it is the ultimate death knell to your reputation. When a customer keeps getting transferred from one agent or department to another, it ensures that a customer will never return to you or your business in the future. Neither will they recommend you to people they know.

Following these guidelines can help you tackle even a sticky situation such as this:

  • You need a team of service personnel with a positive and can-do attitude against hiring people just on the basis of their experience

  • Ensure that they are empathetic to customer needs, no matter how badly the customer behaves or speaks

  • Invest time and effort to upskill your team, especially in soft skills, through ongoing training and development programs

There will be times when you may not have an instant solution for the customer. Telling that to the customer can be slightly tricky, especially if you notice that the customer is already annoyed. But dealing with an angry customer is part of the job description, and there is really no way of escaping it. Customer service reps are only human and may not be able to offer a resolution of customer queries on the first contact. When customers have to chat or call the service department multiple times, it can be a hassle for them.

Customers today want to talk to humans, not machines. This brings us to another key customer service issue that is quite common these days. This situation can arise if the customer has a specific product or service related query or maybe needs guidance to decide on, which is a suitable variant or model that will fit in best with their needs. Your customer is looking up to you for directions. Presenting him or her with a range of helpful suggestions will ensure that you drive the conversation on a positive note. All staff should be trained so that customers receive a consistently delightful, not just satisfactory experience.

It is easy to lose the culture of customer centricity as the business keeps expanding and growing. When you fail to place the customer at the core of your business, eventually, everything starts falling apart. Bad customer experience at any point in the customer journey can absolutely ruin the relationship between the client and the business. Just having a good team in place is not enough. The service team should be aligned with the needs and desires of the customers throughout their lifecycle.  

It will always be outstanding customer service that will make them come back for more. People want to feel special. By addressing their customer service problems, you want your customers to walk away from the interaction feeling not only satisfied with the outcome but valued, understood, and prioritized. It is crucial to solve customer service problems because you want your customers to be happy and satisfied. It also allows the business to identify gaps in their service and figure out a course of action to take corrective measures. With a positive image of the brand, your customers will be more than happy to recommend it to their family and friends. 

By following all such crucial tips and rules Go4database is successful in solving the enquiries of its customers and therefore implementing lead generation via enquiry strategy.


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