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Bulk email services provided by Go4database


Go4database uses lead generation via bulk email strategy to generate more leads in an effective manner. The goal of Go4database is to reach as many people as possible and hope to get responses back or to at least get a few link clicks.The bulk email strategy used by Go4database uses generic template messages focusing on a large group of people that is usually not segmented. Go4database email lists are used for bulk email marketing. Bulk email marketing is sending emails to large groups of people at once to advertise the goods or services provided by a business or maintain a relationship with customers. Go4database uses bulk email marketing because iit has the following benefits:

  • Allows real-time messaging

  • Enables marketers to send personalized messages

  • Helps in mailing list segmentation

  • Leads to increased conversions

  • Fosters regular communication

  • Provides test marketing insights

  • Offers information sharing

  • Results in reduced overhead costs

  • Provides tools to track user engagement and sales

Here are some points which Go4database follows on how to do bulk email marketing:

  1. Identify your target audience

  2. Focus on the benefits

  3. Be brief and to the point

  4. Give special discounts

  5. Communicate the deadlines

  6. Provide communication channels

Go4database provides bulk email campaigns also. The most important details that need to be considered according to Go4database so as to help with successful bulk email campaigns:

  • Choose an automation tool

  • Work with at least 4 follow-ups

  • Create and share blog content

  • Share insightful videos

  • Offer rich materials to create brand awareness

The categories of email leads provided by Go4database as a result of lead generation via bulk email are listed below:

Forex Traders Leads

Cryptocurrency Leads

Pharmacy Leads

B2B & B2C Leads

Insurance Leads

Corporate Leads

To generate more leads in short amount of time Go4database uses bulk email service but sometimes this strategy is not so useful because bulk email is spamming ,it won't give any accurate results , as most of the emails in bulk emailing are inactive the bounce rate is very high and also your sending email can get banned .Bulk emailing is used by amateurs who are those who have no idea about professional email marketing .Once again don't engage in bulk emailing , its waste of your time , effort and money and that is why Go4database mostly use professional email marketing platforms and processes to get optimum results.

 According to Go4database, sending bulk email campaigns that generate leads for your sales team requires some essential deliverability features to be effective. There are many challenges to outbound email marketing, including your IP being blacklisted, user complaints, sending to poor-quality contacts, and triggering spam filters that will send you to the junk folder.Here are a few points which according to Go4database are to be keep in mind about bulk email marketing:

Target industry-related contacts

Only deliver useful information

Be professional and respect your audience’s time

Do not be deceptive or include false information

Include your physical address and real name

Provide with a clear (functioning) unsubscribe link in every email

Email marketing used by Go4database is the act of sending a marketing-centric message, typically to a large group of people, using email lists and the purpose of any marketing material is to gain Go4database brand awareness, get viewers to interact with your business, and to create relationships with visitors. The email content created by Go4database is specifically to convert the lead into a new client or customer. Go4database use bulk emails rarely because in most cases, a bulk email will not knock out all factors and email marketing on the other side is very effective and safe. This is likely because Go4database email campaigns deliver the relevant content. It is nearly impossible to create relevant content for thousands of people using bulk emails.

With bulk email marketing, it is also possible for Go4dataabase to segment the customer list into a smaller, more effective one, and send out personalized emails. Bulk email strategy is still used by many companies and is defined as generic advertising or marketing emails sent out to a large group of people. In most cases, bulk email is never sent more than once, is welcomed by the recipients, and is successfully delivered to the inbox.

The Go4database support team plays a major role in your business to grow, because we can generally hear many people struggling because their bulk email service does not have a proper support team to answer their queries and so they are feeling difficulties with the bulk email use whereas the normal personalized email does not have such problems it is quite simple and effective to use.Bulk mail sending is a very mature technology at present. So there are many tools on the market that customers can use. It may be difficult for people who have little contact with this aspect to tell which one is good but Go4database prefers both the strategies.

Go4database provides services using both email lists and also bulk emails.


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