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Bulk Email Lead generation


Go4database uses lead generation via bulk email strategy to generate more leads in an effective manner. Very oftenly used strategy, despite how effective it can be, is the Email lead generation.

We know that Email is the most important tool used by almost all the customers in today's world. So companies are also choosing Email lists as the best criteria to contact the customers in an easy manner. Also, email is much better than facebook and twitter in terms of acquiring new customers.

Go4database is offering many types of such email lists in order to contact the clients in an effective way and also to improve its business strategy and growth. We can widen the conversation channel by using Go4database email lists because this database contains the email addresses of the customers and by this we can talk directly to the inbox of customer email id. These email lists contain email ids and other relevant information and so these are also known as email leads or email database.

Lead generation via email list is defined as a means of collecting leads through the use of an email option in the form. It is all about gathering information about customers, such as their name and email address. According to Go4database, having an email lead generation strategy is very important for a company  to grow it’s customer base and also to generate more sales.Without an effective technique for gathering leads, any  business has to struggle to grow its sales and customers.

First of all, it is important to note that mass and bulk email are the same thing. It is all about sending an email campaign to a group of people without any customization. The goal of Go4database is to reach as many people as possible and hope to get responses back or to at least get a few link clicks.The mass email strategy used by Go4database uses generic template messages focusing on a large group of people that is usually not segmented. For this reason, this practice is being abandoned nowadays, and most marketers are prefering to send personalized messages according to the subscribers' interests.

A bulk email software can be one of the best ways for Go4database to grow its Email Lead Generation efforts. This strategy can be scaled to a large, targeted audience of prospects in bulk, but it needs to be handled very carefully. This type of email marketing involves sending messages in large quantities all at once. Go4database team have discovered that personalization and segmentation can help improve the results seen in these types of campaigns. The team can send bulk email campaigns to a limited number of contacts (usually under 10,000 emails) from a number of popular email sending tools.


By using a mass email app, Go4database or any other platforms can enjoy following  benefits:

Time optimization: a tool to send bulk email and create automation will save team Go4database time during the whole email chain.

Boost website visits: As bulk email is sent to a large group of people there is a high chance of converting them into website visits (and then hot leads).

Tracking: Data can be very helpful for marketers. By tracking the email campaigns and then analyzing the data which is collected, Go4database can come up with better ways to attract and engage people through email.

History: Go4database must write and keep all the email templates which are saved to create campaigns at any time and share it with the whole team.


According to Go4database, sending bulk email campaigns that generate leads for your sales team requires some essential deliverability features to be effective. There are many challenges to outbound email marketing, including your IP being blacklisted, user complaints, sending to poor-quality contacts, and triggering spam filters that will send you to the junk folder.Here are a few points which according to Go4database are to be keep in mind about bulk email marketing:

Target industry-related contacts

Only deliver useful information

Be professional and respect your audience’s time

Do not be deceptive or include false information

Include your physical address and real name

Provide with a clear (functioning) unsubscribe link in every email

According to Go4database, Bulk email can be as good as personalized email campaigns but it is necessary to put some effort into it and remember to use tracking tools to understand what works and what it doesn’t.Just like every other strategy, bulk email won’t have good results if there is nobody caring for it. Go4dataabse have to gather the sales team and start brainstorming ways to create successful mass email campaigns in collaboration with the marketing team. The most important details that need to be considered according to Go4database so as to help with successful bulk email campaigns:

Choose an automation tool

Work with at least 4 follow-ups

Create and share blog content

Share insightful videos

Offer rich materials to create brand awareness

Go4database uses lead generation via bulk email to generate leads in a very faster way and also it reduces the effort of the database team.


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